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Meera Collier

Meera Collier


Meera Collier has done voice work for over ten years and hosts a classical music radio show on her local NPR-affiliated radio station. Her modus operandi is to allow the artistry of the music carry the show, while doing her best to make the works accessible to all. She looks at voiceover work the same way, letting the author's work shine through her voice. She loves reading stories to give voices to characters and to allow the work come alive the way the author envisioned them. In her day job, she's a tech writer, which incorporates the same ideals -- writing about the genius of other people's inventions so more people can understand them.

In her free time, she knits. And fosters kittens. And raises a couple of boys. And writes fiction. And cooks. And does laundry occasionally. And laughs a lot.

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